Klay Thompson: Draymond Green is a massive cheat at dominoes

Klay Thompson has had it with Draymond Green‘s antics when it comes to his dominoes. Now he’s calling him out on it and challenging him to a new game. 

Klay Thompson has been enjoying his recovery over the past year and making big strides while doing it. But it seems to be the opposite for his financial status when it comes to the results of a game of dominoes with his teammate, Draymond Green.

Klay is over Draymond’s dominoes tactics and he’s calling him out on it for all of his fans on IG Live to see.

Draymond Green may have gotten the best of Klay Thompson in dominoes, but he has another trick up his sleeve

Klay hasn’t beaten Draymond in years and quite frankly he’s sick of it, he even goes on to make a bold assumption on IG Live about his antics.

“Draymond took so much damn money from me, I’m sick of that dude. I’m never playing Draymond at dominoes again, he’s a cheater. He has a secret big 5 in his sleeve at all-times, it’s crazy. See me on the bones. I haven’t gotten a win against Draymond in dominoes in years. Nah that’s a lie, I won a series in San Antonio. But it’s been one, one win.”

Draymond may have gotten the best of him in dominoes, but can he get the best of him in chess? Klay proposes a challenge to see him on the chessboard, even bragging on working with chess greats such as Magnus Carlsen.

Carlsen is known for beating Bill Gates in nine moves, so for Klay to know someone at that caliber sounds like a great opportunity for a double or nothing bet. But who knows? He might have a trick bag for him in that field, too, so watch out, Klay!

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